Tuesday, August 1, 2017

TRPWL - Trolling suicide prone pornstars for years

For many years (trackable since 2011) the porn industry blogger known as TRPWL aka Sean Matthew Tompkins aka Sean Barthold of The Real Pornwikileaks has methodically bullied, trolled, targeted, stalked and harassed suicide prone individuals via social media (Twitter.com for example).

One of his targets, a scholar and researcher known as Christina Parreira, has openly (of her own volition) stated on multiple occasions that she suffers from a mental illness, yet TRPWL has continued to mercilessly attempt to coerce her to end her life.

Every adult entertainer, sex worker and/or pornstar is SOMEONE's child (regardless of their age).  Ironically, the nearly 50 year old Sean Tompkins has no problem coercing other parent's children to hurt themselves, but if you even mention the first name of any of his 4 (possibly more) children, he completely flips out.